VP of Sales / (Co-Founder)


We are currently hiring a Vice President of Sales for our team at Janeous, to join as our third employee. Depending on your experience, we will discuss bringing you on as Co-Founder. 

Location: Los Angeles or San Francisco. Remote Work.

Compensation: Competitive equity + commission, see below.

We are solving one of the direst issues for companies today, hiring. If you get that hiring is broken, that job seekers and companies are suffering, and you believe there needs to be a fix (and Janeous has a next-level solution to the problem), let's talk.



  • Have built and led sales teams (even if they were small ones within small companies).

  • You are ready to roll up your sleeves as the first business development person on our team and bring in clients. As you prove your sales process and demonstrate traction on behalf of Janeous, our first hires will go to support the sales division underneath you.

  • Ideally, you have relationships in SF or L.A. that you can leverage, or you know how to build them.

  • Know love building a start-up, and get your hands dirty is just part of the fun

  • Building sales funnels, prospecting for new business, and closing business is what you do in your sleep.

  • You want to own the sales process and training for anyone you hire and bring on to lead within the sales teams you build down the line.

  • If you have experience selling SaaS that's a plus but not required (we're similar but not exactly the same)

  • Honest, reliable, driven

  • Ideally based in Los Angeles or San Francisco but we are flexible with your location (within the United States only) if you have the right background and skillset. 


  • Self-sufficient, self-driven, self-motivated

  • Excellent communicator

  • A team player, while simultaneously be able to lead, strategize and execute without direction


  • We are a lean team that is working 24/7 to make our product the best and convert customers and users

  • We are expanding to the U.S. from Singapore and looking to grow rapidly

  • Extremely fast-paced, exciting, game-changing HR tech startup

  • We will only consider the best



  • Competitive piece of equity. 

  • PLUS we have a strong tiered commission structure in place as we are expecting the VP of Sales to lead our business development initiatives, bring in clients, and help us gain traction.

  • This is an aggressive ramp-up commission structure to help you attain a substantial first-year income of $150k+ (if you are good at what you do, you can make $250k).



Our sales cycle is as short, 1-7 days for SME's (longer depending on the size of the company and decision-making process). We pay commissions EOM, and we do everything to support sales - this is our #1 focus.

  • 35% commission on 1st $70k made (about $200k sold)

  • 15% flat commission after $200k sold

  • Bonus when you hit milestones

  • Commission paid monthly

  • Expect $150k+ with this commission structure. 

* Please note: If you want to join as a sales rep and do not want to lead other members of the team, or you want to join our company part-time, please let us know. We are willing and able to be flexible: marketing@janeous.com

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