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The Janeous Guidebook

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Welcome to the Janeous community!

Janeous, in Short

  • We are a fully-enclosed platform that uses advanced algorithms to match the right companies with the right candidates for "live" video interviews.

  • We host industry and geography-specific conferences, which you can think of as virtual job fairs.

  • The conferences are pre-scheduled, and all interview matches are auto-scheduled (for both job applicants and interviewers) to reduce effort and headaches spent on scheduling.

  • Our conferences are set up in speed interview format; 10 or 20 minute sessions so you can meet a lot of potentials to find your ideal fit.

  • Interviews stream via Janeous' internal video platform. That means there is no need to connect to external video tech like Skype.

  • Our focus is matching you for an initial interview. Should you want a 2nd interview, we offer in-interview messaging to connect for the next steps.

Please visit this link to sign up via the web.

Features Our Users are Loving

Diversity recruiting - great for companies and candidates alike, if you are promoting diversity recruiting, interviewers can select this option to match 100% anonymously.

ML-supported matching - we use advanced algorithms to drive the matching process for hiring professionals and job seekers.

  • This improves accuracy and decreases sourcing time for employers.

  • For candidates, after you're onboard, you can say goodbye to the endless months of searching, sending resumes into the dreaded black hole

Dual-sided feedback - After each interview both candidates and companies have the opportunity to offer simple, quick interview feedback. This helps improve the matching, your overall experience, and interviewing techniques.

Video eco-system - During your interview you can access to a lot more than the video stream.

  • Chat messaging

  • Company/candidate profile

  • Notes

  • Review

Interviews on-the-go - We are mobile-first. To enjoy the full benefits of Janeous and interview from anywhere, any time, we recommend you download our iOS app here, and the Android app here.

We're thrilled you've decided to #joinjaneous, and we hope this guidebook helps ease you onto our platform. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions: janeous@janeous.com

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