• Shana Lynde

Our Algorithms are Your Recruiting Fairies


The hours you spend sifting through hundreds of resumes to analyze them for qualities of your next dream hire are no longer necessary.

  • Janeous' proprietary matching algorithms streamline and expedite the candidate screening and filtering process down to seconds.

  • These complex algorithms perform the initial screening of the candidate.

  • We match you based on many different variables, including job seekers' experience and your job description.


Trying to find a mutual interview time can sometimes take longer than actually finding the candidate.

  • Janeous takes the guesswork and awkwardness of coordinating and rescheduling off the table by auto-scheduling interviews with matches.

  • Don’t worry, you are not stuck with the matches we send you! 24-hours prior to your interviews you can view candidates’ profiles and if you are unhappy with the looks of anyone, simply take them out of your lineup by clicking “bad fit/very bad fit.”

  • Our online career fair-style conferences are pre-booked so you can block off time to focus on uncovering a great potential hire rather than scheduling conflicts.


100% Anonymous Matching

Promoting diversity hiring at your company? We salute and support you, and can help you do this better with our matching process.

  • If you select this premium feature, you will match in "Unbiased Mode," and not be able to view a candidate's picture or name until you meet them during the interview (see image above).


  • Answering the Preference Assessment questions optimizes your candidate matches based on company culture and mindset.

  • Because the assessment is not specific to one company, candidates are encouraged to fill it out as it helps them improve their chances of matching for interviews.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time, we are here to support you on your journey - support@janeous.com

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