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Live Video Interviews - Companies


Access your upcoming interview schedule from:

  • Dashboard

  • My Interviews

From here you can view:

  • Candidate Profile

  • Time of interview - Based on your time zone.

  • Interview time countdown - viewable on the desktop version of Janeous.


Until the candidate has entered the video on their side, you will see an INTERVIEW PENDING button. You will not be able to enter the interview session until the candidate presses START on their side.

As soon as they have entered, you will see a green button and can press START INTERVIEW/RECONNECT to join your interview (see above image).



  • Interviews are pre-set in rapid-fire sessions of 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, depending on the conference.

  • Each interview cuts off at the end of the 20 minute session - there is not an opportunity to continue or extend the time.

  • If your interview is scheduled from 2:20-2:40, watch your clock, because the interview will cut off at 2:40.

  • PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT USE the counter on the red button of the video - it counts based on when you enter the interview session, so if you enter 2 minutes late, you will be surprised when you are cut off 2 minutes early.


  • Give and get anonymous, aggregated feedback from candidates so you can learn over time if your interviewers could use tools to improve their techniques.

  • This can help you improve before negative feedback spreads through word-of-mouth and begins costing you good candidates.

  • Leave feedback as soon as your interview is finished, using the REVIEW tab.


  • If you want to take the interview to the next step, use the Chat Messages to request a resume upload or other contact details from the candidate.

  • You have ownership over all of the candidates you meet from Janeous. Use the Chat Message to follow up with all of them during each interview, and continue your own hiring process with them.

  • If you want to think about each candidate and reach out to them post-interview, go to MY INTERVIEWS > ARCHIVED INTERVIEWS and chat with them from there.


  • Easily take individual notes on each candidate you meet with in the interview notes.

  • Conference notes are great if you want to share notes with your team across the conference for each candidate, and keep your interview questions consistent.


  • From the video screen you will also be able to view the candidate's profile, as well as the job description.

  • These tools help keep you organized, which is critical in a curated, fast-paced, high-volume recruiting setting that is pre-scheduled for you.

Our mission is to humanize digital hiring, with a focus on improving the experience for both sides. We encourage you to reach out to us at any time with questions, concerns or comments. support@janeous.com

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