Our Mission

Hiring is imperfect at best, and we believe the industry requires an urgent and radically innovative solution. 


Our mission is to transform the 20-year-old job board recruiting model and solve the fundamentally broken recruiting process where it begins, at the initial stages.


Our Story

Employees are the building blocks of companies but identifying well-suited staff still eludes most employers. We know - we are former hiring managers and recruiters who built teams for ourselves and others' organizations.


Unfortunately, the recruitment process remains outdated and yet more complicated than ever with a plethora of semi-effective technology-based recruiting solutions.


Hustling to identify top talent, hiring professionals often wind up with resource-intensive and expensive programs in hopes of weeding out mismatches. As mediocre resumes slog up inboxes, vacant positions dig holes in your budget. Prime candidates lose interest in the application process due to time-intensive processes that downplay human interaction and you start all over.


If this sounds familiar you're not alone.  

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Our Technology

Advanced algorithms do the hard work so you don't have to. By coming together to match and meet on our job matchmaking platform, job seekers and employers can interview in the time it takes to have a coffee.


Try our platform today, for free.  Candidates are always free, and we offer a pay-per-use model for companies to limit your overall spend on marketing and hiring.