Head of Business Development


Our Head of BD will lead and execute the sales strategy for our company to continue the momentum and build on what we have started. 

Location: Los Angeles or San Francisco. Remote Work.

Compensation: Straight commission, aggressive tiered structure + small piece of equity (see below).

STRONG OPPORTUNITY for hunter-like, relationship salesperson who thrives on commission-based sales and huge potential upside.  

Are you a strong B2B Sales Representative who has the perseverance and tenacity to help build the pipeline for an early-stage startup, with the potential for an unbelievably huge upside? Not afraid to do what it takes these first months until we have funding, to help support the team while we are scaling and growing?

We are looking for someone to be the first in our Business Development Team. Based in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you will hit the ground running and gain immediate traction with clients, users, become our product expert, and grow the team from there. The primary focus is on user/client acquisition. 

*We would like someone who intends to grow with the company in a leadership position as Head of Business Development, leading the sales team. If you do not wish to take on this role that is ok, we encourage you to apply anyways! However, if this is something you are looking for, please specify when you connect with us.


  • B2B sales hunter 

  • Know how to overcome objections 

  • Strong networker who knows how to find and close business leads

  • Not shy about knocking on doors

  • Trained in advanced sales techniques

  • Don't need guidance. In fact, you thrive on freedom, it gives you the room to work your business development magic

  • Want your hard work to be reflected in how much you make, and you want to make a lot of money

  • Know how to build strong relationships & ideally have some to start off with

  • Have a strong entrepreneurial spirit

  • Honest, reliable, driven, ambitious, not wasting any time

  • Ready to join an extremely fast-paced make-or-break startup

  • Please note: we are currently only considering candidates in Los Angeles and San Francisco



  • Self-sufficient, self-driven, self-motivated

  • Excellent communicator

  • A team player, while simultaneously be able to lead, strategize and execute without direction


  • We are a lean team that is working 24/7 to make our product the best and convert customers and users

  • We are expanding from Singapore to the U.S. and looking to grow rapidly

  • Extremely fast-paced, exciting, game-changing HR tech startup

  • We will only consider the best



Our sales cycle is as short, 1-7 days for SME's (longer depending on the size of the company and decision-making process). We pay commissions EOM, and we do everything to support sales - this is our #1 focus.

Straight commission role with an aggressive, tiered commission structure:

  • 35% commission on 1st $70k made (about $200k sold)

  • 15% flat commission after $200k sold

  • Bonus when you hit milestones

  • Commission paid monthly

  • Strong salespeople can expect $150k+ with this commission structure. *The key and challenge is selling a product from a startup that no one has heard of.

  • We are offering a small piece of equity

* Please note: If you want to join as a sales rep and do not want to lead other members of the team, or you want to join our company part-time, please let us know. We are willing and able to be flexible.